Only one of guilty parties was hung
If hanging is an appropriate form of justice (we do not think so) only about 1% of justice
was done with the hanging of Saddam.

How about the other criminals against humanity¿? Corporate and governmental officials,
mainly from the U.S., who couped Saddam into power, then armed him so he could
poison Kurds and wage war against Iran. Who are they¿? Here are a few.

Donald Rumsfeld here meeting with Saddam in 1983 under orders from U.S.
President Ronald Reagan to assure Saddam of strong U.S. support, which came as
$$$, arms and spy reports on his enemy Iran.

Ronald Reagan as president ordered Rumsfeld into love match with Saddam.
Reagan also issued a secret order instructing the administration to do "whatever was
necessary and legal" to prevent Iraq losing its war with Iran. Read more details here
and here. Then Reagan put together a secret arms deal for Iran under Saddam. Read details here.

Dick Cheney used public office and corporate connections with Halliburton to help
Saddam Siphon Billions from UN's Oil-for-Food Program. Read details here.

This devious Mideast double speak - double cross began much earlier. During
World War I the Arabs fought on the side of the Allies against Germany and Arab
oppressors, Turkey. They were promised independence. Right after the war, the Allies
— U.S., France and Britain — broke this promise under pressure from big oil corporations.
A revolution explodes out in Iraq. What follows is detailed here with links to more hidden
Mideast history. Scroll down on page to Iraq.

Winston Churchill as British secretary of war directs British troops to wipe out
the uprising. They do.

Dwight Eisenhower CIA under him directs first — unsuccessful — coup of Iraqi
government by Saddam and his Baath Party.

John Kennedy his CIA succeeds for Saddam in a bloody coup.

Jimmy Carter his CIA re-enthrones Saddam after the Iraqi army threw him out.
Carter also gives a green light for Iraq to invade Iran. Carter embraces Bin Laden
and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Details here.

George Bush who started an aggressive war against Iraq based on a pack of lies
Read a few here.