"F" word gets louder

The Ohio Recount is Going Forward! 11/15/04
With your help, the initial Ohio recount filing fees and expenses --
$150,000 -- have been received from thousands of supporters around the
Thousands of volunteers are needed in Ohio and from out-of-state to serve
as observers in each of the 88 counties. If you want to be one of them, or
can provide housing, please VOLUNTEER!

Nader-Camejo Hand Recount in New Hampshire Begins Thursday, 11/18

Pacifica's Larry Bensky interviewed Dennis Kucinich's staff attorney about
the voting rights violations in Ohio, and the fact that there is a chance
that the pres. election might be overturned. Listen or read transcript
at: http://www.indybay.org/news/2004/11/1705324.php
Listen to KPFA Wed. 11/17 from 10 AM-1 PM PST (94.1 FM in SF area or online
at http://www.kpfa.org ) for a 3-hour program about the vote suppression in

see Republican operatives in Ohio as they hovered over older African
American voters at the polling place, challenging their right to vote and
generally attempting to intimidate them. Who are these people? [Young white
males, who hide their faces from the camera in the hoods of their jackets
and who speed away in their cars when approached.] Jesse Jackson makes an
appearance in this video.

See the incredibly long lines where people in Columbus, Ohio waited for
hours in the rain to vote -- many gave up. People were told to go to
another line, go to another precinct, that they couldn't vote without ID
(not true), that they would have to use a provisional ballot (and were
given the wrong form to vote on so those votes were discarded), poll
workers were incredibly unhelpful -- the violations went on and on.
Columbus Ohio Hearings on Voter Suppression, 11/13 & 15:

-- See Howard Dean and Blackboxvoting.org's Bev Harris demonstrate how
easy it is to switch vote totals in the software of a Central Vote
Tabulator, hackable via modem, in seconds.
You can see it on video (Quicktime), it is "Part C" at
[includes California's Kevin Shelley talking about the voting system in
place here.]

see the only mainstream tv coverage: 11/11/04 MSNBC Vote Fraud Video
(since the broadcast, this reporter has been off the air, 'on vacation')

"A Full Investigation is Required," by Dr. Marc Sapir, Director of
RetroPoll, 11/4/04, ZNet
..."The results defy not only my particular threshold guess, but this
modeling, completely. And that will require a serious in-depth
investigation. Despite the fact that the Democrats registered far more
people in the past six months than the Republicans, and despite a huge
voter turnout, with first time voters (according to Warren Mitofsky's poll)
giving Kerry a 60:40 edge, President Bush appears to have increased his
national vote total by 8 million votes compared with the 2000 election, yet
Mitofsky saw no desertion to Bush from 2000 Gore voters (90% of Gore voters
stayed with Kerry and 90% of Bush voters stayed with Bush).
How can these contradictory pieces of information be reconciled? They can't if ...

"How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version," 11/13/2004
by Chuck Herrin, CISSP, CISA, MCSE, CEH, Professional IT Auditor
"Did our votes count? More importantly, will they count next time? We
in Information Security have been protesting the use of the poorly designed
voting machines ... I have put together this shortened document that will
show you exactly how easy it would be to break into Diebold's GEMS
software, which is the software used to tabulate regional voting results.
This software ... counts the votes from multiple precincts that may have
used touch screens (which have their own problems), optically scanned punch
cards, or other balloting methods. It is responsible for the accurate
reporting of tens of millions of votes cast using many different types of
"That's right – even if you used the older systems like punch cards,
your vote can still be Hacked when the numbers all come together. Wanna
see how easy it is?
"I am going to show you, step by step and with screenshots ...

"Nov 2 election was hacked," Luke Lundemo, 11/10/04
Friends, I believe the November 2 election was hacked. And I'll tell
you why. Because it is so easy.
I have a copy of the Diebold software used to tabulate votes at the
county level. I knew the password to get into the software but I didn't
know a valid username. It took less that 60 seconds of going in the back
door to the software to find the list of valid usernames and ta-da, I was
in. ...

6 members of the House of Representatives are calling for an investigation

"Major Issues Pointing to Fixed Election 2004," by MTK, 16 Nov 2004

Petition to Congress requesting an investigation into the Presidential
Election of 2004
There are already thousands of signatures and it has only been available
for a short time.

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