Blues foot bill for reds
I hope you heard Rudy Acuna's contribution this morning on KPFK. Comparison
of the so-called Red and Blue states. Facts we should recall - Taxation
without Representation

1) Five states (all Blue) pay for 2/3rds of the war costs,

2) In the U.S. Senate (32 Red states) have 64 senators, California, New
York, Illinois, New Jersey and Washington (5 Blue states) have only 10

3) Red states receive most of the Federal funds while Blue states pay
most into the Federal funds,

4) Red states supply less of the troops than Blue states.

These facts support an initiative in the Blue 5 to withhold all federal
taxes until we are enfranchised with equal representation.

We must have our own think tanks and stop rolling over to the right wing.
Rudy Acuna says, "We cannot talk to people who do not value justice." The
left cannot afford to be unorganized and reactionary - act now - who wants
to work on this initiative?

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