This is Three Rocks, a farm worker settlement about 50 miles west of Fresno, CA. It was “established”  in mid-50s
when the nearby large cotton farms were shifting from human cotton pickers to mechanical cotton pickers. They no
longer needed the acres of one-room shacks they “provided” their human cotton pickers every fall harvest. The
enterprising store owner at Three Rocks convinced growers to give him their unused shacks if he moved them away.
They agreed. He did. Three Rocks “blossomed.” As if “grew”  I began photographing with the people there while
working part time as a farm worker organizer. One day in 1959 I showed up with another organizer, Maria Moreno.
I saw this kid skimming over the bar of his homemade high jump. Flat on my belly, tears in my eyes, we — the boy
and I — made this photo of him... Jumping above his poverty.

In the current “Dream...” show at Boalt Hall UC Berkeley this photo is 3’ x 5’ hung high on the wall so viewers cannot
look down on the boy’s poverty, but up at his spirit.