“Dream...” Night & day deep in the heart of us...

...A voice within us keeps repeating huelga, huelga, huelga...

...This Huelga solidarity follows wherever we go beneath the sun or under the moon...

Both these photos were made by us — farm workers, scabs, camera and
I — on the same fall day in 1965 at the same spot with the same pickets.
Many days in La Huelga we would rise as early as 3 am to picket farm labor
contractor buses in towns around Delano like Earlimart, McFarland, Tulare. Then
we would follow the buses to meet the scabs as they entered the fields near dawn.
And we would appeal to them to join our struggle for fair wages and repsect.
Many did. These picket lines plus the international boycott of grapes is how we
won the first contracts. My cameras and I joined many of these sun to moon
skirmishes. This dance was exhuasting, but exhilarating. We were on the
thrusting edge for justice.

I shot photos with existing light to preserve the essence of our moments. Even now,
40 years after the above photos were made, I feel that cold fall darkness we see here
in Manual’s frosty breath.
George Elfie Ballis, photographer, film maker, organizer