The victor. What did he win¿?

Victorious U.S. soldier
writes home from ruins he helped create in Iraq. What did he win¿? Well, a couple of new ribbons
for his uniform. That’s about it, because the Bush Republicans in Congress are moving to cut
his vet benefits. Click here to read the story.

The big winners in Iraq so far are two gigantic U.S. (read military-industrial complex -MIC)

1. Bechtel, a huge construction firm, with a horrid worldwide human rights record.
Click here to read the stories. Bechtel got a single source no bid contract worth over
$600,000,000 for rebuilding parts of Iraq. Click here for details.

2. DynCorp, a company that provides rent-a-cops, which got caught running a juvenile
(12-16 years old) sex slave ring in Bosnia. Click here for details. DynCorp also got a no bid
contract worth hundreds of millions to rebuild the Iraqi police force.

In an exclusive interview with the solider above, SunMt learned he has no stock in either of these
corporations. And had never even heard of Bechtel or Dyncorp. He had no idea he was in Iraq
destroying buildings so these corporations could make millions rebuilding them.

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