It’s an honor for “Dream...” to appear in the SF Chronicle. However, for the record, Elfie is
a movement photographer and film maker, not a documentary photographer. He is an advocate.
He dances with people to explore with them beyond our conditions and truths to reveal our
possibilities — together. In his mind, he has done his work well when his compañeros see themselves
as people of power and dignity in SunMt photos and films.

True, Elfie has been mediaing in our people’s movement for over 50 years, but not only with farm
workers. He has also danced with:
• American Indians trying to reclaim their lands (“The Dispossessed” docu-poem),
• Oakland Blacks challenging a dictatorial school board (“TheOakland Five”),
• Santa Fe Chicanos trying to organize themselves out of poverty (“Toughest Game in Town”).
• He was in Seattle at the WTO protests (“Awaken”),
• and in Wash. D.C. to challenge the IMF-World Bank (“Garbage to Liberation”).
With immigrants, home care workers, students, and many other ordinary/extraordindary folks rising up
agains oppression. Many of these docu-poems are part of the “Dream...” installation.

“Dream What We Can Become & Rejoice
Soñar Lo Que Podemos Ser y Gozar”
sponsored by Center for Social Justice, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley

Next general public opening Jan. 3,4,5, 2-7 pm
Room 145, Laub Lobby, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley, 2nd entrance downhill
from Piedmont off Bancroft, entrance NE corner of plaza

Info on future open dates and group reservations • 559.855.3710 • 559.472.6496

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“You make me laugh and cry, but most important you inspire me.”

“Dream...” will be up to May 1, 2006