September 27, 2001

Unity, like sugar, is down home sweet. And like sugar, too much fuzzes one’s perceptions
The Unity Rally in downtown Fresno last night was feel good sweet. All of our diversity was embraced and celebrated. First time for Fresno. It was not warmonging or aggressive, but it did genuflect toward the U.S. Presidency, implying loyalty to whatever is decided. The rally was, at once, hopeful for our community, but foreboding for our democratic society. The only hints of open discussion were the “No War” signs displayed by a half dozen brave souls.

We need to listen to those souls before we allow our Military-Industrial Complex to lead the world down the slippery slope of bombing the country of the alleged sources of terror. Sources which the M-I inspired, trained and financed. Such an escalated M-I terror will kill more innocents and inspire more terror.

We might more fruitfully press for JUSTICE from the whole international community, not revenge. We need to be clear who the terrorists were/are. We need to educate ourselves about all the anti-people damage our M-I has done around the world. Let us not talk not about bombing anybody into the stone age, but about mending the military, & socio-economic terror our M-I has caused. Click here to read Elfie’s memories of years as a U.S. Marine during World War II. “What we thought we fought for.”

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