Rumsfeld should not be fired.

• Rumsfeld is a perfect icon of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) empire building
at the huge expense of human values. Removing him might give the false impression that MIC is
changing. It isn't. It won't. No matter who is secretary of defense. We are the only ones who can
change MIC. Keep Rumsfeld in place. He will help our beloved country gain focus.

• Rumsfeld is not responsible for prison atrocities. MIC is. Prison atrocities have been a
long standing OFFICIAL policy and practice of MIC through various governmental agencies
especially the so called intelligence services. They even produced and widely circulated a
how-to-torture manual. Removing Rumsfeld will not recall this manual. Or cease its use with
U.S. troops or fascist soldiers that the MIC trains in that Georgia school we dis-affectionately
call School of the Assassins.

• If MIC is going to court marshall the responsible soldiers in those horrible torture photos,
the MIC must also court marshall:
the authors of the torture manual,
the instructors of the torture techniques and
the president who lied to these young torturers about the evil of Iraqis.

This is just a simple matter of true American justice.