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SunMt on Free Speech TV before Rising Up
• 18 broadcasts of “Can’t Survive on $6.75” — home care workers struggle
for $$$ and respects in Fresno. See clips.
• 18 broadcasts of “
Stop War, Have Fun — a Moral responsibility” — PeaceFresno in
huge mellow San Francisco peace march. See clips.


PRAY WITH ME, Kathy Kelly recalling poignant conversations with victorious marines in Bagdad. See
clip by clicking here.
RISING UP FROM SHAME OF WAR, our Fresno street actions on the cusp of the Iraqi slaughter. See
clips by clicking here.
FOR FREEDOM FOOD, our Sacramento actions against WTO this summer. See clips by clicking here.
FLAUNTING FREEDOM ON 4TH IN FRESNO, under threat of arrest we read our country’s sacred
documents at Fresno Fashion Fair Mall. See clips by clicking here.
the statue while protesting the cheating. See clips by clicking here..


ROGUE COPS, Elfie and others of us are mistreated, even killed by rogue cops in Fresno. See clips
by clicking here and here and here.
¡NO MAS MUERTOS!, we protest immigrant deaths at the artificial border. See clips by clicking here.
VIRGINIA ¡PRESENTE!, celebrating the life of a modern day unsung Mother Jones. See clips by clicking here.
UNREADABLE POEM OF UNBEATABLE NATION, 17-year-old reads poem excluded from poetry
prizes and reading. See clip by clicking here.


O MATAKE OYASIN, FOR ALL THE RELATIONS, elder Indian wisdom at unColumbus Day
gathering on Alcatraz. No clips available on web.
¡MUMIA! DEATH ROW POWER, at risk teenager finds visions for social and personal uplift at
San Francisco rally to save MUMIA from death chamber. See clips by clicking here.
MARCHING FOR DAVIS JUSTICE SIGNATURE, we farm workers march on Sacramento to win
Davis signature on favorable legislation. See clips by clicking here.


PEACE HANDS AROUND DEATH LAB, passionate, theatrical,
informed demonstration on the 58th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing at one of the main nuclear
weapons labs in U.S. See clips by clicking here.
AWAKEN, multicultural, multiracial, multigenerational uprising against WTO in Seattle, 1999.
See clips by clicking here.


WALL OF LIES, parody street theater, music, poetry, skit on the Bush lies. Theme music: lively,
“Don’t lie, Bushie, don’t lie.” See clips here.
PEACE HANDS JOIN WAR HANDS, soulful vigil in remembrance of ALL victims of terror,
worldwide. Dramatic blue hands with red hands in sunset ritual. See clips here.
STRAW BALE BUILDING ADVENTURES, upbeat, inspiring account of 3 straw bale building
projects with passionate, informed builders telling us the economic, environmental, philosophical
virtues of building with straw bales and related green energy elements. See stills here..


GAP SWEATSHOPS, HOW FREE IS FREE SPEECH? 2+ years of struggle at
Fresno Fashion Fair Mall against GAP sweatshops. Protests, arrests, legal tangles, free
speech issues, strategy meetings, political confrontations, beginnings of victory. Extra/ordinary
folks fighting a giant worldwide sweatshop. Click here to see 100s of exclusive clips from
this film and more in the world's larget movie archive of GAP sweatshop actions,
all produced by SunMt..


IMMIGRANT DRIVERS’ LICENSES We ralliy, march to get drivers’ licenses for all us immigrants.
Safety for all of us. Gov. Davis finally signed a bill. Gov. Arnold made killing the law
his first order. See clips.
MARTIN MARTIN It’s not enough to say “Martin Martin.” We must do the work. See clips.
MIRACLE EARTH DAY We sing, dance, celebrate and reflect on our living within Big Mama.
See clips.
DISABLED REJECT EXCLUSION We disabled rally to protest Gov. Arnold’s push for nearly $2
billion budget cuts on poor, disabled, kids and education. See clips.
TAKE BACK THE NIGHT We rally to end the violence against women. See clips.

RISING UP#8 & #10 hour split in 2

GARBAGE TO LIBERATION Puppet makers in April 2002 IMF-World Bank protests in D.C.
I was moved to tears with how you captured the magical human spirit.”
“You amazing visual wit, full of surprises and power!”
“Thanks for creating a wonderful tool for social change and planet healing.”
See clips.


CAMP HARMONY, sowing seeds of peace with games, paper cranes and confict resolution.
Summer camp sponsored by Women's International League for Peace & Freedom.See clips.
COP SPIES ON PEACEFRESNO, cop attends meetings, rallies and bus trips. We call for
state and federal investigations. See clips.
PEACE LEADER ARRESTED at peace demonstration.See clips.
WE GIVE BUSH THE NOSE, we speak up outside a Bush fund raiser with our
Pinochio noses. See clips.
2 FATHERS, speak of their sons' deaths in Iraq. See clips here and here.


Collage of of peace, justice and civil rights actions over the years mostly in Fresno,
CA with historic photos, modern poetry and calls to action beyond just intoning
"Martin, Martin." See clips here and here, here and here.


George W & Arnold oppressions inspire peace & justice uprisings in California's Bible Belt, Fresno. Actions include:

Home for Christmas in my casket. See clip.
Crushing Bush's lies a smashing success. See clip.
We rise up with Mother Nadia from grief of senseless killing. See clip.
Govanetor joins us to protest Arnold's cuts in pensions, wages, lunches and nurses. See
clips here and here.

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Commercial value is about $20,000 per episode. We can produce much cheaper because SunMt
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