Classic 1973 glimpse of the glory and shame that
was and still is California agriculture. Huge crop
harvests, oppressed workers, illegal irrigation,
tax manipulations. Some of the figures have
shifted but the overall power inequities have
not shifted in 30 years. Conceived, directed,
shot and edited by Elfie after 20 years of
rural California organizing.

Educational uses: agriculutre, public policy, conflict
resolution, ethnic studies, youth counseling , community
organizing, video.

23 minutes • $25 to unrich persons and unfunded
communitygroups; $90, all others •
shipping, tax included.
DVD only
19 Interactive chapters
• Snow: California’s white gold • Huge irrigation subsidies • Richest land, poorest people • We pay taxes here • Shifting taxes to city folks • UC subsidizes ag • Family farmer success • Corporate farm moves in • Syndicates dodge taxes • Farming the government • Overplanting • Poor vs. poor • Forced welfare • Harvest strikes¿? • Farm workers co-op • Small farm values • Big farms necessary¿? • Huge “farms” • Our family media

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Farming the Government
75% of U.S. salads
For richees profits and subsidies
Pesticides an health
99.9% of U.S. almonds
Big irrigation subsidies

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