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These podcasts do not offer THE solution to issues presented. They are designed to
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students’ interest, thought, discussion, study. To encourage them to develop critical
thinking on issues that they will face in our society.

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Big military spending • “Courting spiritual
” — Rev. Martin Luther King 1967 recording introduced by Rev. Bryan Jessup (3:48)

1999 WTO shutdown in Seattle • What 5 union plumbers saw,
heard, did and thought in the streets. (2:05)

2000 IMF-World Bank protests • Garbage to Liberation.
Puppet makers challenge world elite with garbage. (2:33)

Ancestors • Black History: “My ancestors were raped and killed.
Marylee McGough spoken word (2:05)

Hiroshima memories call us to stake our future on
mutual respect & peace. (5:35)

We can revive the electric car. (1:35)

We take on nuke power shill. (2:05)

¡Hold your breath til 2024! Air board stalls on air quality(1:43)

Sprayer self-“regulation” of 20% reduction from 1991 levels¿? (4:45)

On day of love we gays apply for marriage licenses

Camp Harmony • Sowing seeds of peace in summer camp. (2:04)

Campus free speech • Students rise up against cop spying on their
vegan meeting. Music: Frank Moschella. (4:42)

Cesar Chavez • Honored with tokens and crumbs, or with justice and
fair wages¿? (1:26)

Civil Rights • “Yesterday was just the beginning.
Devoya Mayo spoken word. Music: Melanie DeMore. Hear more.(2:54)

King would stand tall • Les Kimber updates
King’s peace message. (2:15)

9-11 • Did explosives bring down the buildings¿? (1:43)

Police misconduct • Copwatch comes to town.
Rev. Floyd Harris, Gloria Hernandez, Andrea Prichett, Summer Vue spoken
word. Music: Lupe Gutierrez, Melanie DeMore. Hear more Melanie here. (5:05)

Cops spy on PeaceFresno • Undercover cop poses as
a rich man. Mark Schlosberg, Catherine Campbell, Camille Russell, Nicholas De Graff
spoken word. (3:01)

Cuba blockade • U.S. has been after Cuba for 200+ years.

Delano prison opens • Dolores Huerta joins us in calling
for education not incarceration. (1:30)

Death Penalty • We vigil for Tookie Williams. (1:46)

Honoring our roots by engaging today • Across town &
across issues. Music: Raging Grannies. (3:45)

We Yosemite High students, 14-18, sing, dance, speak
of peaceful living. (4:50)

Fashion Resistance to militarism produced by Feminist
Activist Class at CSUFresno. (6:16)

We picnic for fun & unity in King-Thunderbird Hood

Litle snow. Wolves are eating our dogs. (4:30)

We speak for food freedom • Protesting at WTO in
Sacramento. Maria Carter, Joan Poss, Dan Yaseen, Genie Baranoff, Malcolm
Chaddock spoken word. Clan Dyken music. Hear more Dyken here. (3:36)

GAP sweatshop protests • Arrested for speaking
the truth about sweatshops. (1:52)

Home care workers • Struggling up from poverty. (1:55)

Hmong veterans “We fought your American war and now
we face another war here.”
Summer Vue spoken word. (1:06)

Immigrants • Largest rallies ever call for amnesty.
CSUF students spoken word. (3:50)

Impeachment • We raise this important issue. (1:43)

Livermore nuclear weapons lab • We protest war, weapons,
sick workers. David Solnit spoken word. Dave Lippman sings, “...They live but they have no
Hear more Lippman here. (5:33)

Activist Gloria Hernandez —
“Each step I take
puts me in touch with the land...This is my prayer.”

Mumia! Death Row Power • Huge San Francisco Rally
demanding release of Mumia. Julia Butterfly Hill spoken word. (1:56)

Raging Grannies • We offer to replace our sons and daughters
in the military. (3:11)

Memories, medals & a mission • Mother Nadia tells
us how devastating war is. (2:05)

My son killed in Iraq • The death of my son is not
OK. This war is not OK. (1:52)

My son died • Bush lied. (2:01)

Courage not to fight • Two young men stand down
for peace. Elizabeth Stinson spoken word. Fred Small sings line from “Peace grows
from a tiny seed.”
Hear more Small here. (3:30)

Save Sacred mountain • We gather to save Wahallich
from gravel strip mine.
Inyana: Lance Canales and Benjamin Cline — sing “Coming
” Hear more
Iyana here. (2:18)

Stand • Black man got to stand up now. Darryl Muhammad
spoken word. (1:39)

Straw building adventures • Making straw homes to
get super insulation, cool Big Mama and cut pollution. James Stark spoken word. Clan
Dyken music. (2:52)

We Women rally • Stop violence against woman. (1:27)

Warnik converts to Peacenik • (1:31)

Where’s our $1 billion?” • Braceros bilked 40-60 years
ago, demand payment of withheld wages. (3:15)

Feds wiretapping our phones • No warrants. Lisa Solomon
spoken word. (1:44)

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