Way of Peace
awardees by
Fresno Center for Nonviolence
Here are this year’s Way
of Peace awardees. Recog-
nized by Fresno Center for
their outstanding social
justice work. The type is
our words about them.
Their words are live on
video clips.
We, your friends and community,
hereby honor you for your enduring
activism in the Fresno community on
behalf of peace, social justice and
worker’s rights: you have made
an invaluable contribution to the
struggle for justice
In recognition of your invaluable
contribution to the dialogue in
Fresno about the global issues of
war, peace and justice in these
turbulent times, and in support of
your continuing work as an educator
for peace, we present you with
this award.
In appreciation for all of your work
as an educator and activist to help
make our community and our earth
a better place for all, we present you
with this award.
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Youth awardees
In recognition of your outstanding
efforts in shepherding the CSUF
Campus Coalition for Peace and
Civil Liberties through the critical
post September 11 period , and for
your continuing commitment to the
causes of peace and social justice,
we present you with this award.
Nicholas DeGraff
Thank you for your dedication to
peace and social justice—your
youth and energy in your work
with Peace Fresno, the Green Party,
and the Central California Institute
are greatly appreciated by all.
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