October14, 2002

UnColumbus day —
nobody is a stranger

Because many of us cannot
view video yet, SunMt will
run 2+ pages of every
Chronicle — first one with
stills; the rest with video.
Columbus did not discover America.
Some wandering Siberians did about
12,000 years before 1492. Over
100 of us immigrants celebrated our
wandering histories in downtown
Fresno with a spirited march and rally.
We did a big loop starting in the
Fulton Mall at a plaque honoring the
the 100 unionists who were arrested
in 1910 for reading the U.S.
Constitution here. We stopped at the
federal building to demand legal
status for all undocumented workers.
In Courthouse Park at a Toltec statue
we celebrated our Mexican roots with
with an Aztec dance. Back at the mall
we spoke of abolishing the word
stranger. Click to hear us. Click
to hear how Elfie linked in the
Okie journey. For more immigrant
info call: 559.498.6033

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