November 30, 2001

Old paradigm (good ole boys) hold forth at Fresno city hall
Fresno City Council virtually ignored the peace with justice issue on Tuesday — see clip below — and then cast their lot with the good ole boys on the daytime curfew issue: got an annoying problem¿? Throw the cops at it. Click here to see clip.
The wounded boy in the above clip: Badly injured and barely conscious, 13-year-old Jawad, the only survivor of his family who were killed in the bombing of a northern neighbor-hood of Kabul early Sunday Oct. 28, 2001 lies in a Kabul hospital bed. The early-morning U.S. raid on Kabul's northern outskirts killed at least 10 people, witnesses said — the second apparent stray strike in less than 24 hours to cause civilian fatalities..

(AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)

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