Every movie is a political ad
Make believe manife$t$ an emperor
Next time you earthens slide into your stadium view chair with your popcorn and the lights dim, remember to ask yourself what the political message of your "entertainment" is¿?

Every movie is a political ad. Sometimes blatant. Sometimes subtle. Sometimes funny. Sometimes sad. Sometimes violent. Sometimes sweet. Whatever genre, always political.

Don’t believe that¿?

Just ask yourself if Arnold would have had any chance of being elected Gov. if he had never been a pretend, fully scripted movie hero¿?

To realize that a couple million of you could “seriously” vote for Arnold underscores the great power of make believe in your lives. It also underscores how your political decisions are completely separated from your daily life decisions.

Example: none of you earthens would trust your auto repairs to a person whose only car experience was with toy cars¿?

Example: none of you would have your gall bladder removed by a little girl who played doctor with her Barbie dolls¿?

But you earthens can choose a great pretender to administer the biggest state in the United States. Ya’all’s grip on reality is slipping.

The even more basic reality is that your trust in political make believe indicates you earthens don’t want to face your personal responsibilities for causing your societal problems such as big public debt, lousy schools, bad air, etc.

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