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We Martian Anthropologists find root of Mideast evil

We Martians have been studying the earthen Mideast conflicts for the last few
centuries.We have consistently found that the root of every conflict has not been
Islamic“extremists,” but greedy self righteous Christian capitalists.

As far back as 1,000 years ago the Christians assumed they “owned” the Mideast
as their holy place ignoring that both Jews and Muslims claimed the same ground
as their holy place. Sure fire formula for conflict when 3 self rigtheous “chosen”
earthen groups each claim the same ground as their own god-given holy place.

For this study however let us not dwell on these ancient hatred roots. Let us focus
on the last few decades.

In the 1970s, Afghanistan was governed by a secular, un-religious regime. However,
it was friendly to neighboring Russia, a situation the U.S. government could not tolerate.
So the U.S. under Carter organized, trained and financed Bin Laden and the extreme
Islamic Taliban to start an Afghan revolution. This sucked Russia to intervene and the
U.S. created Russian version of the U.S. Viet Nam. U.S. installed in Afghanistan the
oppressive Taliban — Islamic extremists _ which turned back the clock on religious
freedom, women’s rights and a host of other secular freedoms.

In 1950s Iran was governed by an un-religious, very popular regime. The leader was
threatening to nationalize the rich oil industry so the profits would provide services for
Iranians (somewhat like Chavez is doing now in Venezuela) rather then be shipped
off to U.S. and British oil corporations. The U.S. under Eisenhower could not stand
this so the U.S. vomented a revolution, threw out the secular government and installed
a heavy-handed police state under the Shah. This lead directly to the Islamic revolution
of 1979 which installed an extremist Islamic religious government.

(It is ironic that both of these Islamic extremist moves by the U.S. were done under leaders
who when they left office became champions of peace, but while in “power” were mere
tools of the military-industrial complex of the U.S. The measure of an earthen or Martian
is what they do on the stage of power, not how they carp when relegated to the sidelines
with the rest of us. By this measure both Carter and Eisenhower were total democratic

In any case, these 2 examples demonstrate our basic hypothesis that the root cause of
earthen Mideast conflict is not Islamic extremists but greedy self righteous Christian

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Reader asks us Martian anthropologists for more background
Probably this point of view accounts for the modern times conflict. But, isn’t the source
of this conflict older than Christianity and Islam? What role did the early tribes of
Israel/Palestine play in setting the unshakable foundation of this conflict? I’d like to
know what the Martians saw take place during those earlier times that might help us
better understand the roots of the conflict promoted by the “greedy self righteous

David Crabtree

Our answer: Earthens suffer from grammatical confusion syndrome
In early evolution of earthen mankind — the olden tribal days David asks about —
earthens survived with great fear and uncertainty. And they were not too bright.
A mental dimness which still limits you earthens and sucks you all into stupid conflicts.

As you began to explore your psychic powers you stumbled across various truths.
Instead of describing these discoveries as “a” truth, you all opted for “the” truth.
Early evidence of the grammatical confusion syndrome which haunts you earthens
to this day.

Here’s why. Since you earthens are not mere clones of each other, when you set off
on a task many different solutions surface. And so it is with phychic explorations.
Many different truths are found as might be expected by any reasonable earthen.
Of course you earthens are not reasonable. So in your various tribal groups you
started claiming that your particular truth was “the” truth, and that anyone who
did not salute your truth was not only stupid, but evil, heathen, a devil. Etc. Etc.
And so you started warring over who had “the” truth. The thinking seemed to be
that the group who could kill and enslave those “enemies” somehow “proved” that
their truth was in fact “the” truth.

You earthens started doing this truth warring thousands of year ago and you are
continuing this deadly, unproductive exercise because you still have not learned
that “a” does not mean the same thing as “the.”