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Enough’s Enough: A Revolutionary Proposal
(submitted in all humility and solidarity with all people’s struggles worldwide)

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Extreme (or obscene) concentration of wealth is incompatible with justice or democracy,
q.e.d., (consider the price of a presidential run, the price of a senate seat, Halliburton,
foreign and national policy as oil profiteering strategy, conflict of interest and corporate
influence trading, etc)
There is no way to legitimately earn billions of dollars (especially when so many slave
their lives away and barely survive)
The only legitimate use of extreme wealth is to give it away to worthy causes (philanthropy)
Billions of dollars do not make a person more happy or healthy than much lesser wealth
The argument that massive salaries and profits are needed to attract the most talented leadership
is countered by the clear evidence that we are attracting the most talented criminals,
The working peoples of the world possess ultimate power and should exercise ultimate control
to humanely allocate and protect human and natural resources,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED by the peoples of the world:

That no person shall profit/control more than (one million dollars) in cash or resources (per
year) or a maximum of (10 million?) / lifetime. All wealth in excess of caps will be instantly
and continuously transferred to a United Nations fund for the restoration of areas/peoples
devastated by irresponsible extraction of human and natural resources for short-term corporate
or personal profit.

In light of corporate globalization trends, nothing short of globalized response of
labor/environmental/human rights will suffice. Note that this is not anything like
socialism or communism, since anyone is free to be a millionaire if they are able to
do so honestly and ethically. It might be called limited capitalism. Whereas the
corporate model requires ever more slavery, piracy, ecocide and genocide to feed
infinite growth, this approach removes all such incentives. It would be more conducive
to sustainable and regional/local management of human and natural resources.

As to the instituting of these limitations, the first step is to discuss and distill the message.
It should be simple and elegant enough for people everywhere to grasp readily.
The working people are of course the power behind all capitalist or imperial accumulation,
so clearly the workers have the power, either through global consensus and centralized
mechanism, or through local or regional action, to force the issue and enforce the cap.
Anyone refusing to cooperate would be shut down and isolated. Let them eat money!

Another really nice thing about this approach is that no one needs to die over it. They will
of course try to kill us but there will be too many of us and it will not help them any…

Furthermore, this approach can exist and function independent of dogma of any kind—
it is compatible with any religion, government or philosophy. It is simple and clear enough
to resist corruption, as in the Animal Farm scenario, where a solution is converted to its
opposite, perpetuating the undesirable status quo.

Nations, groups and individuals around the world could go on record as supporting the global
initiative. When enough people have chimed in, the changes can be initiated with a giant May
Day celebration!

Proposal: May Day Initiative

Initial investigation of the history and nature of the modern corporation seemed to confirm
my previous impressions; wherever else our hearts might direct our attention and our
energies, we must all focus on the overarching problem, which is the fundamental reality
about corporations. Every value which humans have always agreed to at least aspire to
is anathema to the corporate structure. Qualities such as integrity, truthfulness and honesty
or values such as sustainability (in any sense), fairness or altruism are not only ignored but
are incompatible with the only logic understood by this structure: quickest possible extraction
of short-term profits for maximum shareholder value and officer plundering potential.
The use of genocide, slavery and mass rape of every kind are not merely tolerated but are
required by the very structure. This is the nature of the beast and it seemed of highest
priority to pull the corporate plug. Daunting and Quixotic as a project but you’ve got to
identify the monster first…

Looking at the problem from a deeper historical perspective, though, it is clear that there were
always (pre-corporate) mechanisms of oppression, like religions and Empires and Kingdoms
and ‘twas ever thus, with the workers living and dying for the convenience of the privileged.
(Of course there are non-capitalist models of society in which the greatest value is placed on
giving to the community, with stability, cooperation, with social bonding resulting in entirely
different perspectives.) But if we pull the plug on corporations there will be other means of
global piracy and oppression. Hence the need to address the over-arching problem of
uncontrolled greed and power.

Please tell me if my May Day Initiative seems like a worthy goal, one that might clean up a
lot of problems if it could be achieved.
Email to Jem.

"When the power of love becomes stronger than
the love of power, we will have peace."
                                    Jimi Hendrix

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