Martian Anthropologists
Earthen bottom line is Swiss cheese of greed & corruption

We have for years done in depth studies of your earthen business practices. Our conclusions
have always focused on the so-called bottom line which is the essential element in the "market"
economy, the "free enterprise" system. The measure of social success is to make $$$, and create the biggest possible bottom line number.

Our studies reveal that this focus on the bottom line encourages and rewards greed and is the
source of all corruption in your "capitalistic" system of business. This narrow focus ignores
more important essentials of living like:

• how the enterprise impacts its workers health and income
• how the enterprise benefits or hurts consumers
• how the enterprise consumes nonrenewable resources
• how the enterprise impacts air, water, land, food — essentials for life on earth
• how the enterprise will eventually undermine itself and the larger economy if the income
divide between workers and management is not equitable.

• how the enterprise costs the real economy more than the visible price in invisible tax deferments and public subsidies.

By ignoring these really important issues, enterprises are able to keep down their "costs" and
magnify their bottom lines. These self blinders also degrade the reality of bottom lines into
a fiction which severely damages every so-called input which makes business possible.

Enterprises tend to oppose any move by individuals and/or government to do things like:
improve workers wages and working conditions,
make safer and more fuel efficient cars, and
stop dumping poisons into our environment.

All this exhibits some kind of death wish to us. If enterprises have their way they in the long run
will put themselves — and all earth — out of business.

Recent examples:
• poison pet food
• lead laden toys
• ecoli spinach
• mad cow disease
• gas power cars & busses
• plastic water bottles
bubble wrappped products
The list is long...

The root of all this is the bottom line fiction, and you have fallen victim to your own abstractions — numbers. Or rather, the illusion of numbers over reality. You earthens have such a tough time seeing your macro reality that you focus on a short term, micro view of bottom line. You have decided the value of enterprise activity can be "measured" by bottom line numbers alone, thereby ignoring all the values and effects which do not fit neatly on the balance sheet.

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