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Martian Anthropologists Report
Border fences = anti-abortion laws
We regularly are amazed at how you earthens try to "solve" perceived problems by totally
ineffective means. Abortion and borders are prime — and related — examples of your
backward societal methods.

Your earthly arguments about abortion center on if abortions should be allowed. In fact,
that "if" discussion misses the point. The only real argument about abortion is "how."
All through your earthly presence, down through the ages, there have always been abortions
regardless of race, religion or any current fairy tale.

Anti-abortion laws, no matter how "tough," will not stop abortions, only make abortions more
expensive and dangerous, particularly for poor women.

Sex is so much fun for you earthens. You have heavy social and religious laws designed to
govern this primal drive, but sex is also actively promoted and advertised with many —
products by all your earthen cultures. Therefrom will issue many unwanted pregnancies.
You earthens can allow these pregnancies to be terminated with some respect and dignity
or you can "stop" abortions through meaningless laws.

Same logic applies to border fences. Fences will not stop desperate "illegal" immigrants.
Only make the crossings more dangerous and costly for immigrants at the mercy of the
coyotes who collect fees for "safe" crossings. No matter who the coyotes or how high
the fence the crossings will continue.

So what is the issue¿?

The rich United States borders on the poor Mexico. Poor Mexicans want to make enough $$$.
to survive. U.S. bosses want to pay low wages to compliant, easily controlled workers. Like
sex, the mutual attraction is irresistible. Fences or no fences. However, this mating issues the
unwanted results in exploited, fearful immigrants who have few rights. Some propose
"solving" these problems by creating a "guest" worker program. This would just legalize
the exploitation of the imported "guest" workers.

So are there solutions¿?

As long as the poor must cross borders to survive, they will. Like abortions these crossings
will continue. You earthens would be wise to figure out how to better suppport the economy
of Mexico to solve the root of the problem or treat the symptom and allow the inevitable
crossings with respect and dignity - minus exploitation by coyotes or bosses

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