music: Richie Havens

CD of complete illustrated transmissions coming in 2010

Sample Archive of reports from Martian anthropologists

* All earthen sweat is not created equal
* Earthens do forked walk causing Big Mama great pain
* All earthen suffer from PADDPC
* Impact of higher religion
* Every movie is a political ad
* SaveMart (¿?) phallus a waste
* Report Al Quaeda strategic success
* Solving undocumented immigrant “problem”
* Martian Anthropologists discover moral deflection disease
* U.S. is an unChristian nation
* Earthen definition of welfare too narrow
* Martians: communism & free enterprise never tried
* Earthen sex education — peephole look at love
* Earthen education mainly indoctrination
* We Martians find root of Mideast evil
• Earthens suffer from grammatical confusion syndrome
* Martians ask which side are you earthen little brains on
* Bush is al Qaeda agent
* Post traumatic stress as a morality crisis
* Earthens more moved by symbols than reality
• Border fences = anti-abortion laws
* Bottom line = greed & corruption
* Jem calls for action on Martians' "bottom line" analysis
* Earthens think sex a bigger crime than genocide
* Peace & light linguistics gifts from Martian Anthropologists