March 17, 2003

We peace picket U.S. embassy
in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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by Bette Peterson
Our “Gang of 5” peace picketed U.S. Embassy
in Ho Chi Minh City. After spending almost 2
weeks with Global Exchange starting at Hanoi
and seeing beautiful country, meeting the people
and learning the facts, we arrived at our final
destination, Ho Chi Minh City. There the world-
wide demonstrations against the war in Iraq were
shown on local TV. Immediately the “Gang of 5”
was created. We bought a king-sized sheet and
wrote in large letters NO WAR. We proceeded
to the American Embassy and were joined by an
American veteran, his 2 sons plus a few Americans
walking along embassy row. The police came and
informed us that we couldn’t do this. They were very
polite and we continued with our shouting “Down
with War.” The police did not try to stop us though
a very large crowd of bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds
had gathered across the street to watch this spectacle.
Eventually a policeman even came up to us and told
us how to say No War in Vietnamese:

Không Chiên Tranh

That’s me on the left.

Out of this trip Bette has developed a program and is writing a book:
“Children of Vietnam — Sorrows of War and Hope for the future.”
For engagements call Bette: 559.299.4639.

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