July 4 we celebrate one of the world’s
most radical human rights documents

We cherish the guys who wrote it — even if they could not live it. Even though they
remained slave owners. Even though they wrote a conservative constitution which
had to be immediately amended to include a bill of rights. We demanded this, and
we might have started a second revolution if the founding fathers had not agreed.

Over the 200+ years since that first July 4, our country’s leaders routinely flaunt our
July 4 promise; but like the founding fathers, have not been able to consistantly live it.

We freed the slaves among us, then turned right around and let the corporations
personify themselves.  This set us on a path of increasing corporate dominance,
that is now threatening the very foundation of our essential July 4 freedom promise...
And the whole world. We allowed the women among us to vote but paid scant
attention as the corporate state consolidated its power and nearly broke the world
in the late 20s.

FDR, one of their own, became president. With help from the gathering union
movement, FDR started nudging the country back toward our July 4 promise.
This nudging came to a screeching halt with Big War. First, we allowed FDR to
summarily strip 150,000 of us (of Japanese descent) of our property  and jail us
4 years without charges or any trials. Sort of what Bush is now doing with us Muslims. 

Secondly, we let the war “emergency” reconstitute the corporate state, amplifying its
power and wealth. Since that big war, the corporate state has been allowed by us to
continually centralize its power. We have allowed ourselves to be distracted from our
July 4 promise by corporate advertising seductions for, More, Bigger and the Newest 
 tidbits like suburbs, cars, lowbrow “entertainment,” and most recently little toys like cell phones and iPods
All the while, the rich getting dramatically richer, the middle class losing ground, and the poor
are getting intolerably poor.

But... We still have our July 4 promise. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s dance it. Let’s give it
life. Let’s amplify this promise until it becomes our beloved country —— for the
first time. So that in our flesh and our blood and our hearts and our souls ...
These truths shall be self-evident...”  

SunMt sees its role in this ongoing dance as living, as near as we can, July 4 promise
lives, and using media to amplify the actions of others of us also trying to live our
July 4 promise. Thank you all. 

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