January 25, 2000

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We shall overcome,

Black, Brown & White Together

Remembering King plus telling ourselves if we want better schools, better communities we must become involved.

Union and immigrant organizers gather to explore ways to help new Americans achieve a fair piece of the American dream. Speaking is Yolanda Guerra, organizer for Service Employees International Union Local 535. In background, Mike Rhodes and Pam Whalen who organized the gathering and Jacob Ely of the University of California and Doug Whipple, organizer for Carpenters Local 701.


Elfie: waiting is a castrating habit

The annual honoring of Dr. King and other leaders is a fine celebration
when it focuses on our today responsibilities for making social change. Our
Fresno speakers did a exemplary job with the today focus. However, I
still read and hear some others waiting for a new Rosa or King to
lead us out of our darkness. Not a good idea. Better idea is for each of us
to assume we are our own Rosa or King and lead ourselves out of our darkness.

When we invest our energy in a great leader we neglect to develop our own responsibilities for leading the struggle. We give away our personal
power. We castrate our individual leadership possibilities. When we do
that, and the leader is taken, we are not prepared to carry on. Just what happened after King was shot.

The singular, sweet beauty of Seattle was that we had no grand leader.
Nobody to assassinate. Nobody to deify. No one giving the grand orders.
There were many of us with many different primary agendas, but all opposed
to the WTO dictatorial, secretive methods. We followed our separate
strategies and we shut the mother down. It was a classic unorthodox
success. The kinds of actions we must take to undo the corporate state and
remake our society in the name of humanity and Big Mama.

The issue for us, now, is how we grow this broad Seattle coalition to
move ourselves positively. It will take more than shutting down WTO to
change the world.

Finally, we do not have time to wait for salvation from a nebulous grand master. We must, each of us, in our communities embrace the positive,
loving, organizing actions in whatever ways manifest to us at any given
moment. When more and more of us assume these powers and act, we will swell
to the force of an incoming high tide. We will become irresistible. Immune to
assassination. Big Mama will bless us. Our children will rejoice. And we, each of us, will come to know the joy and power of the mountain top,
firsthand. Up close and personal. One on one.

Buy A Bale A Month Club

As reported in our e-mail message of October 12, member Vic Bedoian has organized a Buy A Bale A Month Club. Each club member pledges to donate to SunMt $5 a month to buy, truck and store a bale of straw for Baby SunHouse, SunMt's demonstration passive solar straw bale-adobe dwelling. Purpose to develop engineering data so that straw bale construction can become a part of the regular building code. The club will live until the project is fully financed. You can join by sending in your first $5.

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