January 21, 2005

... I cannot find leaders who stand with me for the basic visions of my flag and my
beloved country. The anointed leaders are not listening to the rising crescendo of
my people who are calling for peace and justice.

Bushites are pushing my people toward fascism.

Kerry and Edwards broadcast support for the illegal, immoral Iraq war.

Kucinich surrenders his peace platform for "unity and victory."

What am I to do¿?.... Maybe¿?....

This was the key phrase in my declaration of independence written on July 4, 1776
by Tom Jefferson, George Washington, etc. when they heard my calls for freedom
high in the American sky.

Words can become suns
words can become rivers
words can open gates
and built bridges
words can overthrow tyrants
if enough of us
arm ourselves with words

Speak speak
it is our duty
to those who spoke
while they still
had lips

Helga Henschen

Parable of the wave
When we see a hot surfer skillfully riding a big wave we don't say look at that guy
push that wave around. We say look at that guy ride that wave. So it is with politics.
Politicians must ride the wave of their culture. Those of us striving to improve our
world must focus our main energies on creating that loving, democratic wave which
all politicians must ride. Putting another political surfer on the same old wave may
give us a pleasure or two but won't change much as long as the old deadly wave prevails
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