January 21, 2003

Martin, Martin, we must act to
transform U.S. military state
Because many of us cannot
view video yet, SunMt will
run 2+ pages of every
Chronicle — first one with
stills; the rest with video.
Martin Luther King always moved
on the cutting edge of the most
flagrant injustices of his time.
He was one of the earliest and
most eloquent opponents of
of the Viet Nam war. Today he
would be speaking against an
Iraqi war. It is fitting that the
Fresno King celebration used
“Peace” as one of its mottos.
In Monday’s march PeaceFresno
carried its signs including a
new one on this page. Between
those peace signs and the end of
the day, however, we were bathed
in wave after wave of political
pablum, making much of 2 freeeway
signs “honoring” Rosa Parks and
including an anti-Muslim diatribe
by Fresno Mayor Autry.

In the end,
we were called to our mission by
the day’s benediction from Rev. Bryan
Jessup. Hear him identify bombs as
thieves. Hear him invoke King’s

Bryan’s full 6-minute speech will be broadcast on channel 49 in a few
weeks. Date and time announced
on this list.

While waiting call PeaceFresno:

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