January 16, 2003

Peace poets evoke our non-violent power
expose U.S. military state
Because many of us cannot
view video yet, SunMt will
run 2+ pages of every
Chronicle — first one with
stills; the rest with video.
Peace poets at Fresno State
University evoke our non-
violent power. Expose U.S.
military state. Hear us here.
And here.

See connections
below on how
we can use our
inspired power
for peace.
So let’s move our soles to the SF peace rally
bus Sat Jan. 18. Call: 559.903.0589

Or to the Fresno federal courthouse at noon
Jan 18. Call: 222.6135

Either way also walk fingers to:

White House 202.456.1111. The comments line
on which we can tell Bush to stand down.

Click here to sign “Let Inspections Work”
petition to White House.

By moving our true patriot soles and
fingers we just might save our souls
and our blood ——and the souls and
blood of all our relations around
the world.

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