February 7, 2001

Do not support GAP sweatshops

Free Speech seeps back into Fresno Fashion Fair mall

Under legal pressure from the GAP protesters, Fashion Fair backed down, slightly, from their nearly year long squashing of free speech. Their oppression began last May with the arrest of 20 people protesting Gap sweatshop labor. Finally, last Saturday the mall relented a tiny bit in allowing 3 protesters to pass out literature from a table inside the mall. The engagement was less than friendly. Security men swarmed around the table as the protesters (Joan Poss, Mike Rhodes and Bob Fischer) arrived. Security tried to get the three to sit at the table. They refused. Security told the three that their handwritten sign was unprofessional, therefore a violation of Fashion Fair rules. The sign stayed. Every move of the three was scanned by hidden surveillance cameras. But the shoppers were almost all friendly and many were aware of GAPšs sweatshop conditions. We are winning. Next move is to expand the numbers of protesters inside the mall.

Click here to see Big Brother tracking protesters with video surveillance cameras.

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