February 18, 2003

Weekend of promise, hope, dancing, power
Because many of us cannot
view video yet, SunMt will
run 2+ pages of every
Chronicle — first one with
stills; the rest with video.
Peace ballet on streets of San Francisco
with over 250,000 dancers. See us.
Youth of us marching up Blackstone
in Fresno with police car along side. At
River Park we were roughed up by a
“gardener” with no police in sight¿?
See us march. Hear our voices for

One of the dramatic anti-war
costumes at PeaceFresno march
in Fresno. See others. Hear us
speak against blood flowing out.
Hear one of us sisters cry out
against killing her brother for
oil. Join us. Call 559.237-3223
Over 1500 of us

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