We greet you at “Dream...” 
Multimedia Exhibit: ”Dream What We Can
Become & Rejoice, Soñar Lo Que Podemos Ser y Gozar"

Photographed, filmed and produced by  Geoge Elfie Ballis &
Maia Ballis of SunMt  Environmental & Multimedia Center
•  Sponsored by Center for Social Justice, Boalt Hall.

Dec 15 Thur., 16 Fri., 17 Sat. •  3-8 pm, free
Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley, room 145, Laub Lobby, inside main
entrance at NE corner of courtyard, second entry off Bancroft
downhill from Piedmont.

See this photo plus  with 105 other black & whites, heart-
wrenching to inspiring, up to 12’ by 3’ showing farm worker
conditions and organizing. Dream includes  videos, music,
DVDs, books, posters  -  the timeless dance for justice
by many people on many issues.

Short DVDs and videos available for viewing are on a wide
range of social justice issues including:
“We — Rising Up from King’s Legacy to Embrace
Peace and Justice”
— currrent community actions,
music & words
amplifying King’s messages
“Campus Peace” — college students in Fresno
rising up against cop spying on their meetings.

Bring family • Ideal opening for teachers to plan for class tours
next year. “Dream...” will be at Boalt until May 1, 2006
the artist present at all openings.
For more info or group reservations:
mail@sunmt.org • 559.855.3710 • 559.472.6496
To see “Dream...” on web click here and here 
See archives of Boalt installation here 
Shop web for holiday gifts of “Dream...” books,
posters, docu-poem videos, DVDs  here

What “Dream...” visitors are saying
“Makes me want to go out there and do something about it.”
• ”A living, waking, working reality: we cannot be what we
cannot dream.” • “Very moving, disturbing, inspiring.”
• “Made me realize we are all one people.” • “Very important,
heart-wrenching, deep felt.It reminded me to stay close to my beliefs
and push out the barriers of what I can do to help my brothers and
sisters. We all are here together.” • “Makes me feel as if I am part
of the problems as well as the solutions. Within the grief theme is
a point of freedom, dignity and strength within these people.”
• “You make me laugh and cry, but most important you
inspire me.” • “Revitalized my spirit.” • “Brought tears to
my eyes, pain to my heart. The struggle continues. ‘A spectator:
either a cow
ard or a traitor.’ This exhibit moves me to activism.”

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