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by Maia Ballis
Photography & Graphics by Maia & George Elfie Ballis
Technical Consultant David Crabtree
© 2004 Maia Ballis / SunMt 2004 All rights reserved
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Herbal Odyssey of 30+ years
Introduction section covers:
Food Systems, Ancient & Current • the Medicinal &
Nutritional Properties of Ingredients • Unusual Ingredients
& Sources • Nutritional Values of Wild Edibles • Solar
Drying & Cooking • Canning without Sugar • Cooking Beans
& Grains • Harvesting & Processing Food & Herbs • Really
Edible Flowers • Seasoning Recipes • Seasoning Packaged
Mixes • Natural Colors from Foods • Solar Dyeing •
Basic Herbal Preparations • Making Herbal Teas • Herbal
Tea Recipes • SunMt Garden Facials • Aromatherapy •
Useful plants • Dried Flowers • Seasonal Recipes for
Vegetarians to Omnivores

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