music: Holly Near
Bourne identity pandemic

This CIA killer does not know who he is. Do we know who we are¿?

Hollywood has produced 3 movies about a CIA killer who volunteered to have his identity
erased and have himself transferred into an efficient, mindless killer with no memory of
his past.
Supposed Reason: To save American lives.
Actual purpose: To bypass the rule of law in killing individuals seen as a threat by the CIA

Do not all of us — all card carrying humans — carry potential identity amnesias¿?

The military of all our nations brainwash our innocent youth,
including child soldiers, into unquestioning killers.
We teach them to kill THE OTHER on order. Ask no questions. Just do it.
Kill people they do not even know, much less have any quarrel with.

Those who cannot be brainwashed are called unpatriotic,
many times sent to prisons,
all in the name of whatever nation which failed to brainwash them
from compassionate, reasoning human beings into senseless killers.

The same goes for whole nations, not just our militaries.
Whole nations can turn from being compassionate human beings into allowing,
even supporting, senseless killing for the illusion of security through domination.

Germany in WWII with their many external invasions and their internal genocide of Jews,
gays, Gypsies etc.
Israel in expelling Palestinians from their land since WWII.
India vs. Pakistan several times
Turks vs. Armenians
Bosnian Serbs vs. Croats
Rawandan Hutus vs. Tutsis
Russia vs. Chechnya
Indonesia vs., East Timor
Darfur civil war
The U.S. in Afghanistan & Iraq based on lies.. leading toward its own destruction.
Etc., etc.

In the 3 Bourne movies, the CIA killer tries to stop killing and
figure out who he really is.
We all — worldwide — might follow his lead....