April 20, 1998

Second installment of the weekly chronicle of SunMt

dreams and adventures. Made possible by a digital camera(Mavica)

gift from longtime SunMt tribist, Conehead. Click here to send us a

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KOKOPELLI, wood-framed, 30 by 36 watercolor,

$500, on sale for $325; $250 to members. Nearly 100 paintings on sale through

April. Acrylics, oils, watercolors, prints. 8 by 10 inches to 4 by 5 feet. SunMt

studio-gallery is open by appointment. Call: 209 855-3710.

UP FROM THE DEPTHS, 3 by 4 feet, acrylic on

canvass, $5,000, on sale for $3,250; $2,500 to members - through April.


babies come up all around. We planted these flowers once when SunMt was

first manifest here in 1984. Over the years we have come to understand our

relationship with this beauty. Clear the way, stand back, give water during

summer heat and pick a multitude for the famous Maia Flower Tea,

champagne of herbal teas.

MIMULUS love water so they are coming

on strong this year. Most often they hug the stream beds. They year they are

even in the roadways which too are now waterways. In flower essence lore,

mimulus is for courage.


SPECIAL TO DONARS & MEMBERS: all dues and donations may be redeemed toward Maia paintings or Elfie photos or Dream... books/posters.

AND... Donars of $300 or more have option of getting a web page designed by Main Mac, Maia and Elfie.

Martian anthropologists promise a report on earthen zoos for the June SunMt paper newsletter.



Click here to send us a rose, raspberry and/or question.

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