MIC has a death wish

Yesterday(Feb. 5, 2003) a friend sent SunMt this message:

I take it Colin Powell's presentation didn't change your mind.

I have been batting around a question with my sister. How do peaceful
people survive in a fallen world?
As a pacifist and an idealist I like Gandhi's approach. But, look how
long it took him against the British who are arguably nicer folks than
Saddam. If Saddam is a bully and bullies only respect strength how do we
deal with him without getting in the gutter?

Here is our answer:

Powell’s presentation was a piece of swiss cheese. The U.S. military-industrial complex (MIC) created
Saddam with arms and $$$. MIC did that knowing he was a brutal fascist. Even financing some of his
brutalities. Why¿? It was in the “national interest.” In plain English “national interest” translates into
the MIC goals of control and greed.

For decades the MIC has knowingly, purposely financed dictators all around the world who were willing
to work for MIC. MIC interests are always consolidation of economic control under the guise of helping
to spread democracy. Saddam & Bin Laden were both creatures of the MIC. Our School of the Americas
trains the troops of any friendly dictatorship that wants to expertly torture or kill local opposition. We
taxpayers pay for that training without our consultation or consent.

Why pick on Iraq now¿? If MIC were truly interested in suppressing fascism, why not attack the biggest
fascist state in the world¿? China¿? No. MIC is doing big business with China. Bolstering, promoting that
oppressive state. How about attacking the Saudis, who are on record as having financially supported
the terrorists¿? Saudis also are MIC buddies. Of the 2,000+ potential terrorists held at Guantanamo NOT
ONE is from Iraq.

The question is not IF we should get in the gutter. The MIC has dragged us into the gutter long ago. The
MIC is one of the gutter’s main architects, worldwide.

So why pick on Iraq¿? Same reason MIC scorched Afganistan. The MIC figures it’s a cheap shot. MIC
spends more on guns in one week than Iraq does in a whole year. It is because Iraq is NOT a threat that
the MIC wants to attack. It won’t be a war. It will be a slaughter. As was the first Gulf “war.”

Why¿? All the war talk has boiled our American blood. AND distracted us as the MIC has been squeezing
our freedoms, scaling down much needed social programs, driving our government into the biggest
debt ever, bathing the rich in huge tax breaks and spending way more on armaments than the whole
rest of the world.

Why do we have to get rid of Saddam? Why not call on the international community to restrain him

Short term we must loudly protest this proposed slaughter with every means possible. On the streets.
On the phones. With our emails. With our families. Our friends. In our hearts.

Long term we Americans must throw off our oppressors, MIC. We need real democracy in the media,
and in the government. We must stop the MIC from pushing our American empire into making the same
fatal error which every other human empire has made —— acting as if military power will sustain
empire into perpetuity and bring peace, when if fact it will destroy the empire.

Person to person, Americans are admired and even loved around the world. We are open, friendly and
all those nice qualities inspiring trust. But people round the world hate our government. They ask how
and why we nice folks have allowed the MIC to twist our government into the world’s biggest

Smiling Seriously,
Maia and Elfie

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