Music: Staple Sisters
Photo history of Elfie’s 50 year
social justice multimedia dance

2000 Elfie filming in D.C. IMF-World Bank protests

Elfie has been photographing and filming with people rising up to speak truth with power
across the ethnic and geographic face of America. At 81 (14 and a half going on 150) I
am still on the street filming and in the studio creating with my wife, Maia, web video
docu-poems and cable programs. Our media focus is people rising up for a sustainable
food system, environmental balance, civil rights, fair wages, peace etc., continuing
50+ years of advocacy photo-film journalism. My photos and film clips have
wide spread publication in text books, films, posters by others and by SunMt.
See archive of video docu-poems. See archive of 12-part series we did for
Free Speech TV

Here is a selection of my photos-film clips through time:



1964 Atlantic City we vigil outside Democratic
National Convention when our delegates of Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party were
not entirely seated. See civil rights video docu-poem

1964 Fannie Lou Hamer when
credential committee decided not to fully recognize Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party delegates

1966 See here

1968 Bobby with migrant child

1970 San Francisco we rally against
Vietnam war

1974 My son knows from me who I am

From 1975 to 1998 I turned full attention to environmental and community organizing. In
late 70s Mother Jones magazine produced a “Hell Raiser” booklet on my organizing.
See. In 1999 I picked up a video camera. Here are some stills from the docu-poems
produced in recent years with Apple, Final Cut, QuickTime. All have web video clips
associated with them. We include the links.

1999 UnThanksgiving Day on Alcatraz. See here

1999 WTO protests Seattle. See here

2000 IMF-World Bank protests Washington, D.C. See here

2000 San Francisco Julia Butterfly Hill at free Mumia rally. See here

2001 we undocumented carpenters
rallying for living wage, respect and unionism. See here

2001 See here

2002 See here

2003 we protest killings of undocumented workers at border. See here

2003 We surround Livermore death lab with live music. See here

2003 See here

2004. See here

2005 Earth Day ceremony for sacred mountain. See here

2005 we students hunger strike against cop spying on us, See here

2005 we vigil for executed Tookie Williams. See here

2006 we Raging Grannies rejected
by military. See here

2006 inside march with us immigrants.
See here

2006 we homeless protest camp at Fresno City Hall. See here

2006 we stand with our Oaxacan prople. See here

2007 Our joyful, incisive peace dance
at Yosemite High. See here

2007 On day of love we gays apply for
marriage licenses. See here

2007 Cops irnore arsenic murer of my
mother. See here

2007 We nail sour milk posing as dairy
pollution regulations. See here

2008 Restore civil rights & close Gitmo
See here

Maia and I work volunteer for a non-profit out of a demonstration energy conservation
house that we designed and built in 1983. We demonstrate drought tolerant garden
materials and more. And do multimedia for the community.

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